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One Of A Kind Fundraising Opportunity

Laser Light Orchestra offers a new and unique fundraising program, to put some excitement back in your fundraising efforts!  Instead of hosting tip nights at your local restaurant, your organization can sell tickets to a fantastic stage show, with true concert sound and the most amazing laser light show in the Midwest!  Our show is a perfect fit for any organization looking for new ways to fund raise, that has access to an auditorium, local community center, performing arts center or school gymnasium.  Laser Light Orchestra will transform your church, auditorium or gym into a spectacular performance space and a show unlike your community has ever seen!

Show Designed To Your Specific Organization

On top of family friendly music, Laser Light Orchestra's laser artist, will recreate your organization's name, logos, themes, etc, into beautiful laser animations!  We will create your logos, etc and incorporate them into the laser show, making them appear out of thin air, in a three dimensional form, wowing your audience!  If you are looking for a custom themed show with specific music or graphics, please let us know what you are looking for and we will work with you to create a customized show to your specific needs.

Show & Ticket Prices

Laser Light Orchestra's shows are typically 1.5 hours long.  Minimum ticket price for fundraiser shows vary, depending on which show you choose.  The Rock Show ticket price is $35, our Nearly Elvis show is $45 or our Holiday LaserFest show is $30 .  Since we are based in Washington, Iowa, we will travel the entire state of Iowa and surrounding states, but ticket prices may vary, depending on the distance, to cover our travel expenses.  Unless another agreement is reached by both parties.


Tickets will go on sale within 24 hours of your organization booking our show.  No ticket sales or distribution is handled by your organization.  Laser Light Orchestra uses SimpleTix for all ticket sales and distribution.  Through SimpleTix, when a customer purchases a ticket, they are sent a digital copy of the ticket that they can print or bring on their phone, to be scanned for entrance to the show.  Ticket sales can also be offered at the door, the day of the show.

Unfortunately, there are no refunds for the event. This protects both us as performers and the production to cover our costs as well as the money for the organization.  In the event that an attendee cannot make a show, we will work them to see a different performance if your organization is having multiple shows or the attendee may sell their ticket on their own.

Casting Your Organization's Event with Minimal Cost

Laser Light Orchestra provides a dynamic fundraising opportunity with minimal financial commitment from your organization. We require a commitment to a minimum guarantee of 100 ticket sales. This structure is designed to ensure coverage of our basic production and operational expenses, offering a secure foundation for the event's success. Our goal is to create a collaborative, risk-managed environment that maximizes the fundraising potential for your cause, while maintaining financial prudence.


Laser Light Orchestra will provide your organization with digital files of custom fliers specifically for your event, in 8.5"x11" and 11"x17", so your organization can print fliers & posters to spread throughout your community.  We will also provide you with customized photos & video to be shared on social media, your website, etc.  We encourage you to spread the word of your event on all social media outlets.  We will create a Facebook event, naming your organization as a co-host on the event.  Having everyone within your organization go to the event page and "Invite" all of their Facebook friends & family and encourage them to "Share" and spread the word, will make a huge impact on driving ticket sales.  Social media is a powerful tool, if it is utilized and done correctly.  Also, for those within your community that do not partake in social media, spreading fliers & posters throughout your community is one of the best ways to grab their attention.  Printing table tents and getting local restaurants to place them on their tables is another great tool.  Obviously ads in your local newspaper, radio or TV are great, but can get expensive.  Another free advertising outlet, is to make sure your event is on your local community calendar, at your local radio station or through your local chamber of commerce.  Any paid advertising is your responsibility.  

Compensation To Your Organization

For a successful fundraising event, you should plan on a minimum of 200 ticket sales.  Once show is completed, we will send you a certified check for your portion of the ticket sales, within ten days of the show.  (SimpleTix releases final funds within seven days of the show end.)  Breakdown of what your organization can earn is below. (Earnings below is based on a ticket price of $35.)

Any ticket sales under 200 = 15% to your Organization.

200 Tickets Sold = $1750 to your Organization (25%)

300 Tickets Sold = $3150 to your Organization (30%)

400 Tickets Sold = $4200 to your Organization (30%)

500 Tickets Sold = $6125 to your Organization (35%)

600 Tickets Sold = $7350 to your Organization (35%)

700 Tickets Sold = $8575 to your Organization (35%)

800 Tickets Sold = $11,200 to your Organization (40%)

900 Tickets Sold = $12,600 to your Organization (40%)

1000+ Tickets Sold = 45% of Net Ticket Sales to your Organization *(Handling & processing fees are passed to the customer when purchasing tickets, so the ticket price set is the price this is based on.)

Possible Extra Activities At Your Fundraising Event

Laser Light Orchestra understands the importance of a fundraiser and getting your community behind your cause.  Just because the show itself is 1.5 hours in length, your fundraising event doesn't have to end there.  While you have your community together for the show, you can use this platform to expand your fundraising efforts.  We are willing to work with your organization in every way to insure a successful event and to help you get the maximum expectations out of your event.  Below are a few additional event ideas that we would love to have you incorporate into your fundraiser...

  • Have speaker(s) at your event, prior to the opening of the show, to let your patrons know what your organization and cause is all about.  Taking the time to inform your supporters will create a stronger bond.

  • A silent auction is a great way to raise extra money at your event.  While you have your supporters at your event, we would be glad to work with you to create customized event.

  • Raffles are another way to bring in extra fundraising profits to your organization.

  • No mater what you are looking to incorporate into your event, we will work with you every step of the way to make your fundraiser a success!  If you are looking for a new and unique show to draw a crowd to your fundraiser, working with Laser Light Orchestra is a step in the right direction!

If you have any questions or would like to book us for your next fundraiser, please fill out the form below and we will contact you promptly.

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