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Custom Designed Show For Your Private or Corporate Event

Amaze your guests, with a custom designed laser light show, by Laser Light Orchestra.  We have elevated the art form to an immersive experience, that will awe & inspire your guests.  A laser light show will add sizzle and amazement to your event, unlike any other.  Captivate your audience with a beautiful aerial and three dimensional laser show that is sure to impress!  From custom laser mapping with a multimedia experience, to filling your venue with synchronized laser lights & sound, we will custom design a show to your specific needs.  We will work with you to design an experience that will leave your guests talking about your event, until your next one!

Custom Show Branding For Corporate Events

Laser Light Orchestra's show will custom design your show to your specific brand and/or theme.  Our laser artists will make your company logo come alive, with special multimedia designed video and three dimensional laser projections.  Laser projection combined with an atmospheric laser light show, will leave an everlasting impression on your guests & attendees.

Private & Corporate Show Pricing

Custom show pricing depends on several factors.  Length of show, custom branding, location, etc.  We are willing to work with you every step of the way, to design the show you envision and stay within your budget.  Please contact us anytime to discuss the possibilities.   The only limit is your imagination!

Event Options

We realize that sometimes a laser show is just not enough for a successful event.  Below are some add on options we offer, to give you the full package!

  • Photo Booth :  Our parent company, Iowa Elite Events, offers a fantastic photo booth for your event.  We offer unlimited prints, along with the option to send their photos directly to their phone or email, to be shared immediately on social media.  We will custom design a template to your specific brand or event theme, so with every photo taken...  your guests will never forget your event!  Adding a photo booth to your event is sure to be a hit with your guests!  For more information on our photo booth:  CLICK HERE

  • DJ Service : Keep your party going by having Iowa Elite Events provide you with a DJ/Emcee, that will spin your guest's favorite hits for the entire event!  No matter the size of your venue or event, we offer personalized service to fit your needs.  From small sound & light systems, that will handle 250+ guests, to larger systems, that will cover 2000+ guests...  To see more information about our DJ services: CLICK HERE

  • Custom Event Lighting & Sound : We also offer uplighting for your venue or UV blacklighting.  Depending on the uniqueness of your event... we have you covered!  

  • Bundling Our Services & Working Within Your Budget :  We love what we do and will work within your budget to help you create an event that will thrill your guests!  If you are looking for more than the Laser Light Orchestra and would like to take advantage of our additional services...  we offer great savings when bundling our services!  Contact us today and lets get the party started!

If you have any questions or would like to book us for your next fundraiser, please fill out the form below and we will contact you promptly.

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