An Amazing Fundraiser Event For Any School

Laser Light Orchestra is the ultimate fundraising program, to put some excitement back in your fundraising efforts!  Instead of having your students sell items with over inflated prices, they can sell tickets to a unique stage show, with true concert sound and the most amazing laser light show in the Midwest!  Reward your school & community with a beautiful laser light show, that everyone can enjoy!  Our show is perfect for schools with access to auditoriums, performing arts centers or large gymnasium.  Laser Light Orchestra will transform your auditorium or gym into a three dimensional array of light and music, with a show unlike your community has ever seen!

Show Designed To Your Specific School

On top of family friendly music, Laser Light Orchestra's laser artist, will recreate your school's logos, mascots & theme, into the show! We will create your logos, etc and incorporate them into the laser show, making them appear out of thin air, in a three dimensional form, wowing your students and audience!  

Show & Ticket Prices

Laser Light Orchestra's shows are typically 1.25 hours long.  Ticket price for fundraisers are typically $25.  We are based in Washington, Iowa and will travel the entire state of Iowa and surrounding states.  Ticket prices may be more, depending on the distance, to cover our travel expenses.


Tickets will go on sale within 24 hours of your school booking our show.  No ticket sales or distribution is handled by the school.  Laser Light Orchestra uses Eventbrite for all ticket sales and distribution.  When patrons purchase tickets, they enter the name of the student on the ticket purchase page, to insure the student gets credit for the ticket sales.  We will give access to one designated school representative to the Eventbrite sales page, so you can keep track of ticket sales and progress.  Through Eventbrite, when a customer purchases a ticket, they are sent a digital copy of the ticket that they can print or bring on their phone, to be scanned for entrance to the show.  Ticket sales can also be offered at the door, the day of the show.

Unfortunately, there are no refunds for the event. This protects both us as performers and the production to cover our costs as well as the money for the school. In the event that an attendee cannot make a show, we will work them to see a different performance if your school is having multiple shows or the attendee may sell their ticket themselves.

Cost To The School

There is absolutely no cost to the school to have Laser Light Orchestra at your school.  We have a short contract to be completed and you are ready to go.  So there is absolutely no financial obligation to the school.  A sufficient area for the performance is all we ask!   

*If you are looking to book a Friday or Saturday show, we do ask for a $300 deposit, which is returned once 50 tickets are sold.


Laser Light Orchestra will send you high resolution digital files for 8.5"x11" and 8.5"x14" or 11"x17" fliers & posters (your choice), with detailed information to your school's event, that you can print yourself to distribute throughout your school & community.  We will also supply your students with cards that they can distribute to potential ticket buyers, which will give them detailed information on how & where they can purchase tickets.  We also cover local Facebook & Instagram advertising for the event, to help drive sales.  If you choose to do any extra advertising such as signs in your city, radio, etc we do not cover these expenses, but will be happy to provide the graphic and media resources to assist you.

Compensation To Your School

For a successful fundraising event, you should plan on a minimum of 200 ticket sales.  Once show is completed, we will send you a certified check for your portion of the ticket sales, within ten days of the show.  (Eventbrite releases final funds within five business days from the show end.)  Breakdown of what your school can earn is below.

*For all schools that book our show by January 31, 2020, we will offer a 50% split, once 400 tickets are sold.

200 Tickets Sold = $1500 to the School (30%)

300 Tickets Sold = $2250 to the School (30%)

400 Tickets Sold = $3000 to the School (30%)

500 Tickets Sold = $4375 to the School (35%)

600 Tickets Sold = $5250 to the School (35%)

700 Tickets Sold = $6125 to the School (35%)

800 Tickets Sold = $8000 to the School (40%)

900 Tickets Sold = $9000 to the School (40%)

1000+ Tickets Sold = 45% of Net Ticket Sales to the School *(Average net ticket sale = $23 per ticket, after handling & processing fees.)

Compensation To Your Students

Laser Light Orchestra covers the cost and distribution of all prizes to students.   A few days prior to the event the school will be sent an email letting them know which students have earned prizes and instructions to pick them up at our merchandise table prior to the show.  If a student cannot make the performance, arrangements will be made to leave items at the school's office, for student to pick up.  Breakdown of prizes are as follows (Per Student).

2 tickets sold = LED foam baton & ticket to the show

5 tickets sold = LED foam baton, 3D Glasses, ticket to the show

10 tickets sold = LED foam baton, 3D Glasses, ticket to the show, private pizza party prior to show

20 tickets sold = LED foam baton, 3D Glasses, ticket to the show, private pizza party prior to show & $20 VISA gift card.

30 tickets sold = LED foam baton, 3D Glasses, ticket to the show, private pizza party prior to show & $50 VISA gift card.

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