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Launch into 2024 with Elvis: The Ultimate Rock 'n' Roll Resurgence

Laser Light Orchestra presents Nearly ELVIS!
Prepare for the most ambitious production in our history, featuring the unparalleled artistry of Ron Semler as Elvis. This landmark event represents the pinnacle of our creative endeavors, weaving together the indelible spirit of the King with a spectacle of visual and musical mastery.

Brace for a groundbreaking tribute as Laser Light Orchestra presents 'Nearly Elvis' — a captivating blend of classic charisma and cutting-edge laser artistry. Rediscover the King in a show that promises to be as iconic as the legend himself. Be the first to secure your front-row seat to nostalgia redefined. Sign up now and stay alert for our big ticket reveal later this week!
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Laser Light Orchestra
Nearly Elvis
Premier Show
Washington Community Center
Washington, Iowa
Friday April 5, 2024  |  7:00pm

Flash Sale: Save $10 on all tickets: Use Promo Code: FLASH10
*(Promo code good through Feb. 25, 2024)
Ignite Your 2024 with the Ultimate Rock Legends Revival
Laser Light Orchestra presents The ROCK SHOW!

Embark on a thrilling tribute to the golden era of rock with 'The Rock Show' – a spectacular convergence of 70s and 80s rock anthems and state-of-the-art laser technology. This dynamic show blends the raw power of classic rock with the awe-inspiring beauty of visual effects, pyrotechnics, and special effects.

Dive into an immersive experience where the spirit of rock legends is rekindled through a mesmerizing array of light and sound. 'The Rock Show' offers a unique journey, celebrating iconic rock music in an innovative, laser-only performance that promises to captivate and exhilarate. Prepare for a night of nostalgia and visual wonder. RSVP now for exclusive access to ticket information, and be the first to experience this groundbreaking laser tribute to rock's greatest hits.
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Laser Light Orchestra
Premier Show
Washington Community Center
Washington, Iowa
Friday March 29, 2024  |  7:00pm

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2023 Holiday LaserFest Sponsors!

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Health and Safety Advisory: Our events feature dynamic lighting effects, including flashing and strobe lights, which may affect individuals susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other light-sensitive conditions. Attendee discretion and consultation with medical professionals is advised. 

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