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"The Future of Laser Light Entertainment"

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The ROCK SHOW: A Laser Tribute to Classic Rock Legends
Laser Light Orchestra presents The Rock Show!

Gear up for the most electrifying production in our history, featuring the sensational laser artistry you’ve come to love. This monumental event showcases our highest artistic achievement, blending the timeless appeal of classic rock legends with a stunning visual and musical extravaganza.

Experience a revolutionary tribute as Laser Light Orchestra unveils 'The ROCK SHOW' — an explosive mix of legendary rock charisma and avant-garde laser performances. Celebrate the giants of rock in a spectacle that promises to be as groundbreaking as the artists it honors. Be among the first to claim your front-row seat to an epic journey through rock history. 
Promo Code: EARLYBIRDROCKS  =  $10 OFF - good through May 31, 2024
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Laser Light Orchestra
The Rock Show
Premier Show
Washington Community Center
Washington, Iowa
Saturday, August 10, 2024  |  7pm 


Thank You!  To Our
4 Nearly ELVIS Laser Show Sponsors!

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Health and Safety Advisory: Our events feature dynamic lighting effects, including flashing and strobe lights, which may affect individuals susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other light-sensitive conditions. Attendee discretion and consultation with medical professionals is advised. 

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